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Chairman & Managing Director
Chris Hampton, MRSC


Compliance Consultant
Rebecca Dellow, PhD

Technical Manager
Peter Perry I.Eng., AIMMM

Technical Department
Andy Lester, Colourist

Technical Department
Ollie White, Colourist

Purchasing & Production Department
Reg Cairns, Production Manager

Office Manager
Mandy Sowerby

Overseas Agents

Hampton Colours has developed an impressive list of clients overseas, and as a regular exporter we know ‘how to do it’. We understand the paperwork, sort out the transport and have developed strong, trusted and friendly business relationships with our customers overseas. We currently regularly export to Europe and Asia, and can easily encompass other areas.


Augusto Guimaraes
Augusto Guimaraes and Irmao,
Apartado 100, EC Valadares,
4406-901 Villa Nova de Gaia, Portugal